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Fett was tasked with hunting down Luke Skywalker , the Rebel Alliance pilot who destroyed the Death Star while Krssantan was assigned to bring the Emperor's agent Cylo to him. Jabba agreed to permit the Empire access to Hutt Space in return for financial compensation.

Skywalker offered the droids as a gift in an attempt to secure the release of Solo, who was frozen in carbonite. As expected, Jabba refused and pressed the droids into his service.

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Later, Leia Organa arrived disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh with the captive Wookiee Chewbacca , Solo's co-pilot. She was joined by Lando Calrissian , who was disguised as one of Jabba's guards.

Leia managed to free Han from carbonite but was captured by Jabba. The following day, Skywalker arrived and reiterated his demand to free Solo and his friends.

Jabba refused and threw Skywalker down the trapdoor to the rancor [3] Pateesa. Skywalker managed to kill Pateesa by collapsing the dividing door on top of the rancor. However, the rebels escaped and killed Jabba and his henchmen, dealing a blow to his criminal empire. Following the death of Jabba, several of his employees including the beastmaster Malakili stayed at the palace waiting for a new Hutt to occupy the dais.

As the food dwindled and water ran out, many of Jabba's former employees abandoned the castle.

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Malakili was one of the last to leave. He subsequently joined a community called Freetown , which was led by the lawman and Mayor Cobb Vanth , who enlisted Malakili's services in taming two rontos and a Huttlet named Borgo. A descendant of Gathelus brought the stone to Ireland, and was crowned on it as King of Ireland. And from Ireland, the stone moved with the invading Scots to Argyll.

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The current Coronation Chair was made to house the stone in and it was first used at the coronation of Edward II, and thereafter to crown every subsequent king and queen of England. But can we even be sure of that?

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Still another interesting legend surrounding this mystical stone suggests that as King Edward I approached the palace, the monks of Scone hurriedly removed the Stone of Destiny and hid it, replacing it with another stone of similar size and shape. And it was this which the English King carried off in triumph back to London. Perhaps this legend is not so far-fetched as it could help to explain why the Coronation Stone is so geologically similar to the sandstone commonly found around Scone. Yet despite that, something was still driving me forward.

Kerrie, Ballarat. The destiny calendar revolves around what is known as Victory Palaces.

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There are 3 of them and each person has their own set, based on their birthday. But when all 3 of your Victory Palaces appear together on the same day, your energy levels will be very high. These names capture the essence of each kind of day. On Manifesting days you can ask the Universal Qi to make things happen and happen faster.