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A crime novelist navigates Cuba’s shifting reality.

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From Paris Adieu , chptr. A sizzling tale to lose yourself in when the season cloaks you in shades of gray. Life beckoned and Ava rushed toward it. Paris Adieu hit No. Thank you, readers. Until midnight tonight, Fri. Wander the streets of Paris on a journey to self-discovery, dear friends.

Stolen Child

Author Rozsa Gaston discusses her coming of age novel Paris Adieu in comfortable surroundings. Join her in a three-minute discussion of how Ava learns to be comfortable in her own skin. Download Paris Adieu for free and tell your friends to download too.

Fifteen pounds later, she decided she needed to take control of her food choices. It was a gradual process. Parisian women proved attractive role models to Ava, with their love of pleasure and careful attention to eating small quantities of delicious, high-quality food. It took her ten years to find out. You can find out faster by picking up Paris Adieu and skipping directly to Chapter Seven, p.

The following scene is excerpted from Paris Adieu:. We took our coffee at the counter, where Pascal introduced me to a new custom.

Paris Vlog 1: Versailles, Notre Dame, and More!

Now, I watched as he plucked three eggs from the stand, peeled, and salted one then handed it to me. The hard-boiled egg was fresh and delicious.

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My English girlfriend, Charlotte, came to mind. She was ten years older, wildly sophisticated, with a penchant for black American Japanese major league baseball players; a male genre which enjoyed superstar status in Japan. Pretty, tall, and willowy, her complexion was as delicate as an English rain shower.

Stolen Child

Her eating habits had been as carefully controlled as her love life had not. She was discipline personified. I never saw her vary from this routine once. At breakfast in the chaos of my residential college dining hall, surrounded by undergraduates wolfing down doughnuts, bowls of granola, plates of pancakes, eggs and bacon, she maintained her strict regimen by carefully peeling her hard-boiled egg and toasting her lone piece of bread.

My girlfriends and I were in awe. A good number of the girls in my class were anywhere from five to fifteen pounds overweight, except for the ones who were anorexic, bulimic, or naturally slim. My female colleagues and I sucked in our breaths as Charlotte rose from the table after breakfasting, her stomach flat, hip bones jutting out fashionably under her thin, flowered dress, with long slim legs ending in ankles you could wrap your fingers around. Everything about her showed us up.

Ava makes a shock arrival on the Square

After dark, she was capable of drinking like a fish, another British character trait my Yale colleagues and I found impressive. As I stood at the counter, enjoying my salted, hard-boiled egg, I connected up the dots. Finishing the egg, I washed it down with strong coffee with foaming milk in it.

Suddenly the display case of flaky croissants farther down the counter had no power over me. My one hard-boiled egg with coffee was enough. For the first time in my life, I felt like a Frenchwoman.

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Tags book , books , culture , fiction , fun , History , Indtale Magazine , literature , publishing , reinvention , relationships , review , Series , travel , UN. Tour Eiffel, photo by Rozsa Gaston. Tags bad boys , caregiving , Chanel , fashion , fiction , French poets , Pierre Reverdy , Rimbaud , romance. But will the one man who truly understands her follow? The Season 2 runner-up has released two platinum albums and one gold -- and he ran for Congress in The Season 3 winner had her song "I Believe" hit No.

The Season 10 winner's debut studio album, "Clear as Day," went platinum upon release. He also released a Christmas album that went gold. Pickler only finished in sixth place during Season 5, but she ranks eighth overall on this list. She now has her own reality show on CMT.

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